US-India Global Review

-NEW YORK N BA commissioner Adam Silver’s state- ment that he expects players to stand for the American anthem when preseason and regular-sea- son games begin, is commend- able. That bold statement needs to be reiterated across all sporting disciplines. If players don’t respect that simple rule, they need to be disciplined; fired, if they violate it often. It’s deplorable that the form of protest initiated by Colin Kaepernick has spread like wild- fire, vitiated the sporting arena in the United States. It’s made a mockery of fans who pay to watch sports, dented a valuable family outing. Fans feel violated, humili- ated when players show disre- spect for the American anthem and the flag. Why should fans with a deep sense of pride in their national anthem and flag, revere it, respect a player who appallingly tramples on the same sentiments, tarnishes a time-bound tradition ingrained into the very soul of sports? The sports field is where chil- dren at an early age learn the value of teamwork, discipline and teamwork. Learn to win, take loss in stride, become stronger mental- ly and physically in life. A strong sense of patriotism and pride is instilled in children when they sing the national anthem in tandem, stand up for the flag. It’s a ritual followed in countries around the world, by civilized people. Why should adult fans taken their innocent, naïve children to games where players show disre- spect to the anthem and the flag? What if children emulate the same in their school yard, to show soli- darity for a trivial issue, without understanding the consequences of their action? It’s ridiculous! Shame to all players who have shown disre- spect for the national anthem and the national flag! At the Olympics as well as World Cups, it’s a time-bound tra- American flags seen at the Washington Monument. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) Show respect for the flag and anthem COLUMN 74 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW JANUARY-MARCH 2018 By Sujeet Rajan Across the Border