5 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018 T wenty two years ago, in 1995, when Raj Goyle was just 20, he became an intern at the Democratic National Committee. There were virtually no Desi faces around, he remembers. Years later, Goyle got elected to the Kansas state legis- lature, for two terms, in a Republican leaning district. But 1995 was a signal year in many ways as it came after a long dry spell from 1957, when a deter- mined Dalip Singh Saund, broke all barriers to become a Congressman from California. The mid-1990s saw Kumar Barve get elected delegate in the Maryland General Assembly later Political Professionals By Ela Dutt INDIAN-AMERICANS Around the country, Indian-Americans are building an institutional infrastructure to take political participation to the next level, helping candidates of both parties get elected to public office Impact Project Board Member Mini Timmaraju, 2nd from left, with, from left, candidates Padma Kuppa, Hiral Tipirneni, Dita Bhargava, and Megan Srinivas. Photo courtesy: IAIMPACT