US-India Global Review

speak to them so they feel like I am one of them," says the young man who just turned twenty. "Most of them feel like at least there's someone who cares, who understands them, and they want to get it off their chest," says Sharma. Many ask him to stay the night when he visits them, but he refuses their offer. Besides, "It's so much easier to sleep in the car. Especially when I think to myself, 'I know what all you went through, I can never take more'," Sharma says. Since CBSNews ran an article on him last December, things have got a bit easier. Donations to Sharma's GoFundMe link have given him more mobility. He's put around 45,000 miles on the car since then. "I have decided to dedicate my life to interviewing these veterans and bring awareness to their sacri- fices," Sharma says on his web- site. But he is realistic and is reaching out to others to join him. He tried reaching out to high pro- file individuals like Brokaw, but was unsuccessful. He is open to the idea of sharing his material with a museum. However, he said he has not yet reached out to institutions like the Library of Congress or National Public Radio's Storycorps, which is audio-documenting the extraordi- nary lives of every-day Americans. "I'm only one person. My goal is to create a TV series about World War II veterans," he told this inter- viewer. "I'm looking to other peo- ple to get involved along with me." He has set down a series of steps and says they are easy to follow. "Anyone can do this. I'm just hop- Daniel Nevot fought with the Free French Forces in North Africa then joined to 2nd Armored from France liberating his village all the way into Germany. Carmen Gisi fought with the 101st Airborne with a glider regiment in which he saw heavy combat in the Netherlands and in Germany. He fought bravely for many months. Don Graves fought with the 5th marine Division on Iwo Jima as a flamethrower which was a very dangerous job as he had to get close to the enemy emplacements. Paul Koresen flew as a pilot on B-29s in the South Pacific, mainly doing fire- bombing raids over Japan. He was the first 100 year old I met. Bill Schott is another Iwo Jima veteran. He was in charge of positioning amtracks (which are similar to tanks) against the Japanese positions Don Seki fought with the famous 442nd regiment comprised of American sol- diers of Japanese ancestry. He lost his arm in the fight- ing due to a German machine gun while in France. 44 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW JANUARY-MARCH 2018