US-India Global Review

horrible combat in World War Two was. Because it was hand-to-hand combat. That was the only one where you saw your friend killed next to you, saw the enemy in the eye, the smell of death, wondering if you would make it to the next day, or next moment." His passion requires a lot of research and planning, he emphasizes. Apart from general and targeted, as well as premium Internet searches, he keeps track of events around the country, identifies specifically the infantry- men, and finds their numbers in local directories. But that alone does not assure that a veteran would talk to him. "Some veterans don't want the interview, but they usually come around," says Sharma from his experience. "And because of the amount of research I have done, I am able to 43 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW JANUARY-MARCH 2018 Robert Maxwell fought for many with the famous 3rd Division from Sicily , all through Italy, and into France where he was criti- cally wounded. Mr. Maxwell received the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of four of his fellow soldiers after jumping onto a German grenade to save their lives. Rosie Choate is one of the last survivors of the Lost Battalion during WWII. They were captured by the Japanese in 1942 after a brief fight on the island of Java. No one knew what happened to them until 1944 when Rosie and five other men were used in a Japanese propaganda message. (Photos: