41 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW JULY-SEPTEMBER 2018 NEW YORK I t’s been a bad, veering on a terrible week, on the diplomat- ic front, for India. The only thing left to make it worse would be a defeat by rookies Afghanistan on the cricket field, in the ongoing Test match in Bengaluru. That improbable sce- nario would cap the debilitating and frustrating week and month Bad week for India. Suresh Prabhu hits wall in Washington. Slammed by the UN DIPLOMATIC FRONT India’s Minister of Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu addressing the Industry Round table organized by USIBC, on June 11, 2018, inWashington, DC. Seen also is India’s Ambassador to the US Navtej Sarna. Photo: Indian Embassy in Washington, DC. By Sujeet Rajan Across the Border