34 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2018 L earn all you can from the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley but don’t become like them. This was my advice to a group of 91 Indian students who are visiting here on a program sponsored by Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. In a talk I gave, I encouraged them to take home the Valley’s optimism and culture of openness and information shar- ing—but not its greed and obses- sion with making money. I also explained the advantage they have over most of the people they are meeting: an understand- ing the true problems of humanity. This is what gives these students the ability to solve these. Living here in California, sur- rounded by beautiful state parks, being close to mountains and the ocean, and having incredible com- forts and luxuries, it is easy for entrepreneurs and investors to for- get the realities of the world. People here cannot comprehend the hunger, misery, disease, and suffering faced by majority of peo- ple on this planet. That is why the vast majority of the billions of dol- What the world shouldn’t learn from Silicon Valley WHITHER AI Photo: Pooja Sareen, Founder of Inc42 By Vivek Wadhwa