US India Global Review 2018

18 US-INDIA GLOBAL REVIEW APRIL-JUNE 2018 Investments from ASEAN and India are robust and growing. We will continue to work with ASEAN to further enhance our trade ties, and facilitate interac- tions among our business commu- nity. The success of recent events like the Business & Investment Meet and Expo, the ASEAN India Business Council Meeting, the Biznet Conference, the Start-up Festival and Hackathon and an ICT Expo have shown encourag- ing results. We hope that our Project Development Fund and Quick Impact Projects will help our com- panies integrate into regional value chains, particularly in tex- tiles and garments, pharmaceuti- cals agro-processing and elec- tronics. Your Majesty, Excellencies, People to people connectivity have been the foundation of our close ties for hundreds of years. The Indian Diaspora has settled far and wide in Southeast Asia. They are warmly accepted in the local community. Earlier this month, the ASEAN- India Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Singapore recognised their contri- bution in forging closer ties between us. Held at the same time in New Delhi, in the first Conference of Members of Parliament and Mayors with Indian heritage, there was a large representation from ASEAN countries. To build on our historical bonds, I propose that we declare 2019 as the ASEAN-India Year of Tourism. We could set up tangible and intangible cultural heritage circuits to further promote tourism. The Buddhist Tourism circuit could be an important part of this to attract tourists and pilgrims from our region. Your Majesty, Excellencies, India has participated in restoration works to historical structures which attest our endur- ing civilizational bonds. It was a privilege for India to play a role in conservation works of temples in Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Vietnam. A virtual knowledge portal of ASEAN India network of Museums could curate this shared heritage. An important focus of our com- memorative events celebrates the power of our youth, our future. The Youth Summit, the Artist Residency, the Music Festival, and the Start Up Festival for digi- tal commerce among our youth were intended for this. We have given a boost to their spirit by giv- ing Youth Awards on 24th January. To further empower our youth in our region, I have the pleasure to announce 1000 Fellowships to students and researchers from ASEAN countries for studying integrated PhD programmes in Indian Institutes of Technology, India’s premier institutions of imparting knowledge. We would also like to offer dedi- cated training courses at the Indian Academy of Highway Engineers for ASEAN Highway Professionals. I also propose that we set up a network of Universities to encour- age greater inter-university exchanges. Your Majesty, Excellencies, In conclusion, let me again join my people in expressing our pro- found appreciation to each one of you for kindly accepting my invita- tion and for joining us at this Commemorative Summit. India shares ASEAN’s vision of peace and prosperity through a rules-based order for the oceans and seas. Respect for international law, notably UNCLOS is critical for this. “ |